Sample Video Resume

Click on the video below to watch the sample video resume.

For the Employer

Save Time & Money. “See and Hear our Candidates Before You Schedule the Interview.”

The Video Resume streamlines the candidate screening process thereby reducing time & money spent by the employer. Along with the usual description of skills and work history found on a typical paper resume, you will be able to preview the candidate’s personality and communication skills as well.  Click here to learn more.

For the Job Seeker

Increase Your Chance For Hire By Up to 50%. “Your Resume Will Stand Out From the Crowd.”

Still can’t get an interview?  Is your resume getting lost among hundreds of others?  Let us help you create your professional video resume, free of charge.  Potential employers will see your detailed work experience and personality profile which will  immediately increase your chances of getting an interview. Reach potential employers nationwide and instantly give them a preview of who you are.  Click here to create your online profile.

“You have been so amazing to work with and I would like to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to find a position at PXG. I also want to thank you for being so amazing at your job and making this process so simple and providing the tools needed to be successful. I’m not sure if you’ve heard but PXG has extended me an offer to be hired on full time, I truly want to thank you for just being amazing!”

Gould Staffing Employee

“You really are a stellar agency to work with! So communicative and quick to respond to our needs. It is very much appreciated and has been passed up to HR for other departments to be aware in case the need opens up for them.”

Nicole - Venicom

“Thanks again for the terrific people Gould has provided to PCG.  In all my years dealing with staffing companies, I’ve never had this kind of success!  It is a testament to your team, and process, etc.”

Bryan - Phoenix Capital Group